March 31, 2021
Blog post- Part Political Broadcast

Thus far this year Shark Biscuit has found ourselves responsible for producing the Welsh Labour Party’s political broadcasts. These broadcasts we film and produce are bi-lingual and are aired on the BBC, ITV, and S4C.

It was a fantastic learning curve for Shark Biscuit

We had a great insight into the fast-paced world of politics. The political spectrum is very fluid, it’s responsive, the people that work in it have to be able to react promptly to events that are often out of their control.

The greatest challenge.

The greatest challenge that we had to face with these productions was the fast turn around time, access to key individuals and gaining a quick understanding of what restrictions are in place by the broadcasters of what you can and cannot show. These restrictions differ from what we encounter in the private sector on ITV for the TV commercials that we produce. For a party political broadcast.

We have to be sure that we do not show any bias in the video and do not affiliate the Welsh Labour Party with any particular public sector institution.