Our Development Team is the one responsible for generating new ideas that can flourish into a publication or be screened for a multi-platform experience. An integral team that comprises a range of people – from researchers to development executives – is added to on an ad hoc basis depending on the priorities of the divisions within the company at any given time. “Development” includes everything from written proposals, taster tapes, power-point presentations and in certain cases fully self-funded pilots.

See below just a few of the ideas Shark Biscuit currently have in development.


"Too many people with supercar talk when they just got banger money"
Lee and Fraser are a duo of working class mechanics in their twenties from Barry, who buy beaten up bangers under the hammer, and turn their cheap scrapheap bargains into big bucks. Unashamedly ambitious, unapologetically rude and flippin’ shrewd - hold onto your seats as we enter the world of The Backstreet Banger Boys… Sales front man Fraser – aka Facer – is a former teenage rally car driver who is more used to purring Porsches than bashed up bangers. After failing to wear ear defenders at a junior supercar rally, Fraser suddenly lost his hearing, and now at 24, with his hearing severely impaired, he is forced to wear hearing aids. Sadly during the same period his mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Pooling all family funds to raise some money for her intensive treatment, Fraser was forced to quit rallying, and now in his twenties he’s forged a new career alongside best mate Lee - flippin’ beaten up bangers down a backstreet in Barry. Fondly known as the The Backstreet Banger Boys, Fraser and Lee attends car auctions in Port Talbot, Merthyr and Newport to find an auction steal that will make them a quick deal. The mechanical minded mates can spot a golden lot a mile off, using their business savvy sense and years of under the bonnet and behind the wheel experience, they strive to make a pretty penny out of a beaten-up banger. From the collective sum of money in their pockets, they purchase low cost - crashed, hammered and high mileage vehicles - that are more ready for the scrap heap than the showroom.
In their backstreet garage in Barry, the Banger Boys rip out, replace and revamp their wheels to make a deal - earning anything from £100 - £10,000 per sale. In a Post Covid. & Brexit Britain heading for the biggest recession in recent times, we’ll watch as this entertaining, positively practical duo of engineering backstreet boys, try to make a buck in a tough, uncompromising world. As an over-arching narrative to the series, the Backstreet Banger Boys want to turn their serious side-hustle into a full time business. Currently a three day a week commitment, this part time venture allows Fraser and Lee to fix up one banger per week - and make on average £500 per 3k car. Their business model is a baton passing relationship; Fraser buys a car at auction, then Lee (the ‘Ed China’ of Barry) fixes it up, Fraser uses his rally experience to test drive the new refurbished vehicle, and employs his sales prowess and charm to sell it at the local caravan park in Sully - with a little help from their social media secretary and exotic. dancer Kumari. But to make a buck and keep their bargain banger business going, they have to balance busy lives – working two jobs alongside their complicated personal lives…


It’s a little known fact that in a quiet corner of our capital city lies Britain's most secure vault. With the capacity to hold more than a billion pounds worth of personal fortunes, for the first time ever, we unlock the door of the safe and discover what lies inside the boxes of Cardiff’s Billion Pound Vault. This city safe has 10,000 boxes, each able to store just shy of 1/2 a million pound's worth of valuable belongings or bullion. This billion pound city safe holds the priceless possessions of many Welsh families and in this entertaining and enlightening 60’ documentary we meet the unlikely characters who stow their treasures under lock and key, and open up their box to reveal the stories of their hidden heritage. This 60' obs doc unlocks the secrets hidden in the vault as we meet those who choose to store their precious family heirlooms, treasures antiques and rare artifacts within. We lift the lid on the content of their box, and discover the historical and trade value with our Cardiff based heirloom expert Paul Bannister Grimwade. In September alone there were 216 burglaries in the capital - so demand has never been higher for a safe place to hide our family heirlooms and expensive personal trinkets. With thieves becoming savvier to our security secrets, our valuables are in need of a city centre based safe haven.
Throughout the show we’ll get to know the team who guard the city’s gems: Amit Mohan a successful pawnbroker and family man, who built his empire from the ground up. As a Welsh man who hails from an Asian background, Amit has gained the trust of other Cardiff based Asian families who want to keep their family gold safely under his lock and key. In Asian culture it’s a tradition to exchange gold and other precious family heirlooms on big family occasions such as weddings and births, so Amit’s clients often visit the vault to retrieve such valuables in the run up to life changing personal events. Amit is also a bullion dealer, selling solid bars of gold and silver to those who are filling their box in the hope of a return in the longer term. And it seems this is a timely move by Amit - as from December 6th this year, a change in Sharia Law means that Muslims will, for the first time ever, be able to pocket the interest of the rising value of gold, where previously all interest had to be paid back. In addition, from 2017, banks will no longer offer a safe deposit facility, so people will be left to guard their own treasured possessions. So with our to-ings and fro–ings under surveillance by thieves, and a surge in popularity of bullion, where better to store your fortunes than the most secure vault in Britain – surreptitiously situated in the city centre. During our time filming at the vault - in attempt to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our valuables - owner of the city safe Amit, will be holding an open vault event, inviting professional city pickpocket Lee Thompson along to demonstrate just how easy it is for thieves to steal our beloved belongings. Packed full of informative and interesting take out, this insightful documentary has the potential to become a returnable format, as we unlock the secrets of the city safe, and discover the historical and personal stories of the valuable treasures locked away in Cardiff’s Billion Pound Vault.

Vaughan Gething: First Minister Campaign Documentary

Watergate Bay: Channel 4 Pilot

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