Shark Biscuit have crafted a reputation for delivering cost-effective TV commercial productions for a broad range of companies throughout the UK. When a brand wishes to reach a large audience in one go TV commercials are one of the most effective platforms to achieve this. The brand is also able to leverage the values of the television channel that it is on and they are also able to align themselves with the other brands that are sharing the commercial break with them. Shark Biscuit are able to take care of the entire process of producing and delivering a TV commercial for broadcast. When producing a commercial for broadcast it can sometimes be just as much of a legal and administrative exercise as it is a creative one. With our wealth of experience, we are able to make the process as straightforward as possible. Shark Biscuit are a full 360° commercial production partner. We are able to purchase the media directly from the broadcaster which often means that we are able to deliver better value, we are able to lobby the planners to schedule the delivery of the programs next to the right content and at preferential places within the commercial break.