Motion Graphics making the impossible.... Possible.

Motion graphics open up a world of possibilities, they allow you to create a visual identity that is unique to your brand. With our substantial in-house motion graphics department, we are at the forefront of the industry. The versatility and impact that can be gained with the correct use of high-end motion graphics ensure that any subject or product can be captivating and engaging for the viewer.
Motion GraphicsMotion Graphics
The skill of creating stunning, high-end motion graphics starts with the concept and design direction way before we reach the animation production. Shark Biscuit ensure we get the visuals and the script looking and sounding great first.

We make sure that the concept & design fit perfectly with your companies brand progression adhering to all of your guidelines. The stunning motion graphics then follow suit naturally.

Motion graphic production is built around design and here at Shark Biscuit all of our motion graphic artists come from a graphic design background possessing a 360° degree knowledge of typography, storyboard production and the Adobe Creative suite.