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The Mountain Snack Bar
January 20, 2019
Maxx Media

Recently Maxx Media commissioned Shark Biscuit to make a series of time-lapse videos them.

So here is some insight for the techies amongst us:  Timelapse is not a new technique for Shark Biscuit as we do like to use it when it enhances the narrative of what we are selling. To produce these films solely as time-lapses like requested was going to present a challenge; Duration, hourly change in the level of lighting throughout the day, memory capacity, and power levels were the challenges that we faced.

Spare camera batteries are a must

We decided to shoot with the Panasonic GH4 as this camera has a time-lapse setting that shoots full res stills at 1 still per second over the duration of an hour. Once we reached the end of the hour the camera automatically converts the still photos into a 4k MP4 video which really helped with our work-flow.

The job was not finished there as the next step was to composite high-resolution stills and video footage onto the screen itself. The reason for doing this in post-production was because the live content we shot was naturally in time-lapse too and would make it seem to potential clients that they would not receive much airtime.