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September 20, 2018
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February 3, 2017
  • TaskFilm Production. Motion Graphic Design.

Shark Biscuit has produced several films for Kebelo that have amassed over 100,000 views.

Content that ranges from showcasing the instant results from using the product, to how to apply the product, right through to seeing the product in action on members of the public whilst celebrating the beauty of real women. The first promotional video we produced served as a promotional teaser of Kebelo innovative 'Advantage treatment, which, is currently the most advanced anti-frizz formula hair care product available on the market.

The promotional film takes its form as a highlight reel of the launch day of Kebelo's Advantage treatment. The video cuts between the interview with Kebelo’s artistic director, candid shots of Kebelo's models, and the production team responsible for applying the product, styling & photographing the models. Shark Biscuit highlighted Kebelo’s practical application and demonstrated to the audience the products awesome results..

We kept the promotional film below five minutes to hold viewers attention. We also used clean, minimalist motion graphics to punctuate the film throughout.

Shark Biscuit also simultaneously produced their Kebelo Advantage Instructional DVD. The DVD is intended to show salons and hair care professionals that retail the Kebelo brand how to apply the product correctly. The instructional DVD was shot in a beautiful, Italian furnished, salon showroom, in Reading. Just like the promotional feature, the DVD was also punctuated with on brand, minimalist motion graphics. The voiceover that we chose for the DVD was Wendy Lloyd.

Following on from Kebelo's 'Advantage Treatment' sales success we were asked to produce a film that showcased Kebelo's 'Real Women' campaign. A day spent in a central London photo studio capturing the experience of five 'Real Women' competition winners experiencing a makeover, culminating with their hair being finished with Kebelo's hair care treatments. Shark Biscuit's treatment of this was to give a light & lofty Instagram' feel to the film. In post-production, we kept the grade light and not too saturated so it fit in with the authentic 'Real Women' vibe that we were looking to create.