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February 3, 2017
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February 3, 2017

If you have ever watched the news in Wales, then it is likely that you would have seen Vaughan Gething in his role as health minister, more often than not making his way around the country trying to progress the service that Wales receives. Shark Biscuit was challenged to provide for Vaughan Campaign his vision films as he campaigned against two other candidates to become the next First Minister of Wales.

For Vaughan's campaign film the objectives were to showcase the aspirations, vision & values that Vaughan has for Wales. We told that we would need to produce an authentic film that was led & narrated by Vaughan. A film that would provoke emotion, convey Vaughan's personality & highlight his energy and drive. Finally, the film needed to fuel engagement within the Labour party membership and throughout the Unions.

Fortunately for Shark Biscuit, Vaughan was prepared to open his doors and provide our camera crew with full access to his entire campaign. We followed Vaughan through his campaign effectively producing a highlight reel of his interactions with people. We were keen to share with his electorate an insight into his personal life. We felt that this a unique insight would demonstrate further the type of person that he is.

The finished film generated engagement of over 150k views across Facebook, Twitter & further email marketing campaigns. We were able to showcase Vaughan throughout a broad section of his campaign in several locations and multiple events and engagements.

Vaughan was the candidate for diversity, inclusivity & change and the feedback that we received from the film confirmed to us that we were able to illustrate those touch points.

Further to the vision film Shark Biscuit were also commissioned to produce a documentary of the campaign. The documentary would shed a light on not just the efforts of Vaughan but the herculean efforts of all of his campaign. It would show how an election campaign is assembled and ran. The documentary can be seen below.