TV Pilot Banger Boys
BBC3 & BBC Wales Teaser: Banger Boys
September 10, 2020
January 16, 2021
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Another ITV commercial video production commission for Shark Biscuit.

After the success of the live-action ITV video commercial that we produced for Gold Reserves; Swansea, Cardiff, Llanelli, Gold Reserves director Pete asked the creative team at Shark Biscuit to deliver a second commercial for TV; only this time the preference was for an animated one. After much brainstorming back at the Shark Biscuit HQ, the decision was to utilise 2D in a minimalist style. The characters we design would appear warm, friendly keeping in kin with the Gold Reserves shop staff. The scenery we design would all have a nod and be true to Gold Reserves operating environment.

Gold Reserves shops and characters brought to life.

Using vectors graphics and compositing software, Shark Biscuit created the Gold Reserve shop in Llanelli in the same dynamic 2D profile style as the characters.

We look forward to sharing this commercial with you in due course. We are really pleased with the direction it is currently moving in.